Active Stable planning and consulting

Plan your ideal husbandry concept

The HIT-Active Stable consultants develop individual husbandry concepts in close cooperation with the customers, in which all needs of the horses, the horse owners and the stable operators are met. The HIT Active Stable consultants have vast experience in the fields of horse husbandry, agriculture and construction as well as having the necessary creative flair and social competence skills. 

The everyday practice in the equestrian businesses shows that all these capabilities are required to launch wonderful, functioning Active Stable projects. Specific emphasis in the area of planning and consulting is placed on the husbandry on lodging farms, the design of which demands particularly close attention to detail with regards to the various requests and requirements of the horse owners. Over the last years our wealth of expertise has grown steadily with each and every new project.

Those things that work well will continue to be improved, while those which have proven to be less successful, will be avoided in future. The following 10 steps for future Active Stable operators have proven to be the ideal accompaniment to progress from the planning stage to the completed Active Stable project.

100% group management

1.Contact our HIT headquarters, or your HIT Active Stable consultant from your local HIT advisory centre free of charge or obligation, in order to arrange your first personal briefing and consultation. Subsequently, you’ll receive further information about planning, products and prices by post, or e-mail.

2.You organise a visit to a HIT Active Stable reference farm and gain first-hand experience of its everyday running. Talking to experienced Active Stable operators as well as skilled planners provides you with a detailed impression of the day-to-day operations. Every local HIT advisory centre organises regular events at which HIT consultants explain the Active Stable concept. Details of the venues, times and dates can be found on our website, or upon request.

3.The HIT Active Stable consultant visits you at your premises to talk to you about your requests, requirements and how they can be implemented, after which you place a planning order for the creation of your HIT Active Stable concept. The HIT team then draws up drafts or master plans as aerial images, or site maps in pdf and dwg format.

4.Book a strategic consultation upon request, if necessary, to clarify the focus of your business and the service range for a specific customer target group. In close cooperation with the consultant, you will be able to develop your own distinct position in the market and your unique selling point.

5.The HIT Active Stable master plans, concept descriptions and the results of your strategy consultation provide the foundation for further meetings with architects, funding sources, approval authorities and banks, as well as the construction companies assigned with implementing the plans.

6.Once the construction of your HIT Active Stable gets underway your HIT team will take over the coordination of the supplies, assembly and commissioning of the HIT products. The installation of the computerised feeding stations is carried out by qualified HIT active service staff, who will also be on hand to assist you with any technical questions you should have after installation.

7.Before the opening of your HIT Active Stable the HIT Active Stable consultants organise presentations, seminars, or events for interested clients upon request and in cooperation with you. This serves to discuss any questions which your future clients may have.

8.As an additional service, we offer special training to our future Active Stable operators, for instance “Training horses to use the feeding stations”, or “Training days or weeks” at experienced Active Stable businesses. We will also be glad to put you in touch with qualified experts, whose much sought-after specialist know-how always comes in handy.

9.On the opening day, or at your open day event, your Active Stable consultants will be on hand to assist with the presentation of your HIT Active Stable, as well as answer any questions your visitors may have. When the first horses move into the new HIT Active Stable our consultants will support you – upon request – in the training of the horses at the feeding stations, as well as with the operation and configuration of the feeding computer.

10.HIT organises regular meetings for HIT Active Stable operators. The main priority of the meetings is to transfer knowledge and exchange views and experiences with other Active Stable operators. This guarantees that all those involved are part of a like-minded network, sharing the same common goal.