Relaxation in the resting area

HIT equestrian beds: low cost comfort for your horses

Soft, dry and easily formable – this is how horse-friendly resting areas should be, which is precisely why horses love standing and lying on HIT equestrian beds. In practice HIT equestrian beds have proven their excellence, being very easy to maintain with minimal daily bedding usage, which not only saves on excessive bedding material, but also work.

Nonetheless, it is hard to convince die-hard straw enthusiasts, who dream of clean resting areas generously filled with straw for the horses to nestle down on. However, the reality of the situation in everyday farm life is often somewhat different. One can easily be taken aback at how quickly areas covered in straw become wet and dirty. As soon as a whole group of horses descend on the freshly-strewn resting area, it quickly turns into a free-for -all food hall.

In doing so the horses jostle for the best stalks greatly increasing the danger of horses injuring themselves through greed. After feeding time the resting area is first used as a toilet before being used for its actual purpose of sleeping and resting. Furthermore the level of dust and fungus pollution in poor quality straw is unbelievably high, which causes the horses to suffer greatly, especially when they are exposed to it over a longer period of time.

Beyond this, the straw and manure mucking out cycle is incredibly labour and cost-intensive. The bottom line is that edible bedding material is not the ideal solution in a good group husbandry concept. Straw should rather be offered in small quantities as feed for the horses to chew on in the feeding racks intended for this purpose. From the horse’s perspective, the use of regularly bought-in additional non-edible bedding material, such as bedding pellets, wood pellets or the like, is much more convenient. From the perspective of the stable operators, the relatively high running costs might also make this solution inadvisable. Due to the above reasons HIT equestrian beds have gained increasingly in popularity over the last few years.

The soft and comfortable HIT equestrian beds serve to create ideal resting areas; they neither cause dust, nor do they trigger jealousy among the horses when feeding. There are certain specific behavioural characteristics which should be kept in mind, in order to ensure that the HIT equestrian beds are well received by the horses and fulfill their purpose.

The resting area should be designed to accommodate the specific group of horses, in terms of its size and structure. It is highly recommendable to use partitions as well as at least two sufficiently large entrances. The positioning of the bedded horse toilets, preferably under the canopy roof in the resting area near the entrances, encourages the horses to urinate in this designated area. This not only provides an environmentally-friendly solution, but also helps to keep the HIT equestrian beds dry.

In numerous HIT Active Stables the equestrian beds are often sprinkled with a fine layer of non-edible bedding material, which serves to safely seal in any fluid on the surface of the bed. In practice, HIT equestrian beds prove their worth even after a short period of time. The reduction of the running bedding costs, the piles of manure, as well as the amount of work determine the high cost-effectiveness of the innovative HIT resting area concept.

There are several different HIT equestrian bed configurations to choose from, depending on the requirements. The HIT COMFORT equestrian bed is ideally used in small group husbandry, in horse boxes or on soft ground, available in the sizes 1.8 x 2.4 m or 2.2 x 2.9 m.

The bed is already factory assembled and ready for use and can be taken directly from the lorry into the stable. The HIT COMFORT FLEX is generally used for medium and large group husbandry with paved or concrete surfaces. The flexibility of this systems means that either whole resting areas or particular sections can be covered, as necessary


Soft lying surface / good stable environment /requires little work / minimal bedding material / low costs


HIT equestrian bed COMFORT

  • For small group husbandry and horse boxes
  • Standard size: 1.80 m x 2.40 m
  • XXL size: 2.20 m x 2.90 m
  • Material: soft rubber + foam
  • Portable

HIT equestrian bed COMFORT FLEX

  • For medium and large group husbandry
  • Variable surface area
  • To be used on concrete or paved surfaces
  • Material: soft rubber + foam
  • On-site assembly

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