The more horse-friendly the group husbandry,

the better the price

Every HIT Active Stable is individually designed and fitted out. The HIT Products are specified and calculated in order to meet the individual needs. As a result, we can only set a fair price once we have planned and established which components are needed for the Active Stable.

In the “normal” business world, it is common that a corresponding discount is given on the list price, when a large order is made. Thus, the purchase of larger amounts will be rewarded whereas the prices will be higher for smaller amounts. We have developed a fairer and better thought out price system at HIT.

Some background information on this is drawn from the observations that we have made about our clientele in the past, where regardless of how big their group husbandries are, many of the competent equestrian businesses have enthusiastically recommended the concept. There is no ambassador better than our own clients to convey the idea of 100% group husbandry to the world, as they can show how it works and are also happy to inform other horse owners about this.

Due to this, we came to the conclusion that irrespective of the bid amount or the order value, good horse-friendly husbandries should be rewarded with better prices. This means that when there are concrete price requests, we need to talk to one another, to establish exactly what the request is 🙂

Generally speaking, we are asked time and again what the total cost of building a HIT Active Stable is. Besides the HIT Active Stable products, there is of course a long list of other products and services from external providers such as the construction, civil engineering, stable facilities, plumbing and electricity work, machinery and so on which have to be carefully calculated.

At this point, we can give a rough estimate of some of the average figures as a guide based on the experiences of some of the Active Stable owners in Germany, who built an Active Stable between 2014 and 2016. In some cases, these prices can however deviate significantly according to local conditions.

Average investment costs per bay (net)

A new-build HIT Active Stable consisting of:

Resting area

  • €4.000 per bay (24,6 %)

Integration bays

  • €350 per bay (2,1 %)

Integration bays

  • €300 per bay (2,4 %)

Horse toilet

  • €150 per bay (0,9 %)

Horse arena and trail footing

  • € 4.000 per bay (24,6 %)

Horse arena and trail footing

  • € 3.000 per bay (24,5 %)

Automated feed station

  • € 4.000 per bay (24,6 %)


  • €200 per bay (1,2 %)


  • €100 per bay (0,8%)

Fences and gates

  • €600 per bay (3,7 %)

Manure deposits

  • €1000 per bay (6,1 %)

Manure deposits

  • €750 per bay (6,1%)

Machinery/ Equipment (particularly Hoftrac )

  • €2.000 per bay (12,2 %)